Automated Server

Server and PC Support and Management

Let us provide the computing and storage architecture for your physical and virtualized operating system (OS) and application environment. That way, you can focus on your strategic and organizational priorities.

The Challenges of Manual Server Support and Management

No matter the size of your server, management tasks take significant time and resources when handled internally. Your team has to focus on resolving issues, managing devices, applying updates and patches, installing applications, ensuring compliance, and monitoring security. These are highly skilled tasks where experience matters.

When you work with ThriveWell Tech, we’ll handle your IT infrastructure, including your server and desktop needs, so you can spend more time growing your business.

PC and Server Management Services

  • Manage hardware and software inventory
  • Provide recommended hardware configuration and optimization
  • Assist with budget planning based on growth projections and lifecycle management
  • Monitor, analyze, and remediate malicious activity
  • Handle migrations and conversions

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