Technology Assessment

Avoid IT Investment Missteps with Expert Pre-Planning

Having the right technologies in place can create significant competitive advantages in the senior living marketplace. However, making the right selection comes with potential pitfalls. Gaining a true understanding of your IT needs, the infrastructure required, and how to build a plan for prioritizing and successfully implementing those IT solutions requires specialized experience. The key to building a successful technology roadmap and avoiding ineffective IT investments begins with a technology assessment from the experienced engineers and leaders at ThriveWell Tech.

Our Steps to a Comprehensive Tech Assessment


Finding the right IT solutions for your senior living clinical and operational challenges means understanding your current technology eco-system. That includes the software and IT platforms your organization is using as well as the systems, processes, and infrastructure that is connecting those systems.

We meet with your organization’s senior leaders to understand your strategic objectives and long-term goals.

Then, ThriveWell Tech works with key staff in your organization to understand the problem that needs a tech solution. We also interview end-users to understand the data, applications, or processes the IT solution must provide.


Once ThriveWell Tech has completed the discovery process, we take the requirements gleaned from that and look at your existing IT solutions’ functionality and use. If new technology is required, we begin to create options that fit your requirements, operational framework, and budget.

With more than 20 years of experience in the senior living IT service industry, ThriveWell Tech has vetted and worked with hundreds of IT solutions partners. We understand the IT infrastructure and integrations and timelines required, and the training and follow-up necessary for successful implementations.

Define & Implement

By the end of the Discovery and Analysis stages of the technology assessment process, ThriveWell Tech clients will have the latest and best IT solutions and prioritized options with their pros and cons. ThriveWell Tech works with your team to build a vision for the end state and vet the IT solutions against that vision. Based on the discovery with your organization’s leadership team, we work to ensure the technology solution will achieve your business objectives. With the ThriveWell Tech technology assessment, you can feel confident that the IT solution selected will solve your organization’s problem in the short- and long-term. Thorough IT implementation and training processes and ongoing check-ins with your team and the solutions partner means you won’t be left hanging once the decision and purchase are made.